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July 2023 Marks OPSoftware's 23-Year Anniversary

OPSoftware created the first chain data cross-reference database in 2000. In 2004, we were first again with chain store pricing. Today OPSoftware continues to lead the way with Item411, Market Xpert, Bid Wizard and many more applications designed to meet the independent supply dealers needs.

American Owned and Operated

OPSoftware is a USA owned and operated company. We NEVER outsource overseas. All work is done entirely in the USA by full-time USA employees!

Mission Statement

OPSoftware is committed to the independent supply dealer. We NEVER provide data on independent dealers. No matter how big you become, how popular (or unpopular) you become, you can rest assured that OPSoftware will never violate the trust of the independent dealer.


  • Advanced Technology
  • Superior Innovation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Creative Solutions